Instructional Video

Yoshi Amano’s Boil And Dry Whole Oats Tek

When you get your spores growing on agar you will eventually need to get the mycelium to the next step. Our favorite method is to transfer it over to grain. There are many different types that work for growing Cubensis. Rye, oats, millet, and wild bird seed are just a few. Oats is one of our more popular grains. It is usually decent priced and easy to prepare. We found a great video by Yoshi Amano that shows you how to prep up outs and get them ready for inoculation. If you don’t have the tools or time to do this yourself there are pre sterilized options HERE!


Yoshi Amano steps us through his method of preparing and sterilizing whole oats


Yoshi Amano is not affiliated with us but has a great video series that is easy to follow and informative. We highly suggest you subscribe to his channel and take a look at his other content HERE!